• Clutch conical brakes

    Construction – Repair of conical clutch brakes of main engine.

    The construction or repair of this type of conical brakes require high experience and supreme quality of friction materials in order to have the desired result. Our extended technical knowledge and high experience in repairing and constructing main engine clutch brakes guarantee the perfect condition of the clutch brake ensuring the smooth work of the ship’s main engine.


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  • Conical brakes for life boats

    Construction and Repair of all types of life boat conical brakes.

    Liability & good performance where safety is most important.

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  • Marine Clutches

    Our deep knowledge and expertise in the repair of any kind or size of marine clutches puts our company in the lead line of this very demanding service.

    Our company is trusted by the best marine repair shops in Greece.

    By using top quality materials we guarantee perfect fitting and functioning of these really special brakes.

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