Top quality heavy duty marine wiper blades suitable for all kinds of vessels, with adapters  capable of serving any possible demand.

  • Bosch – Swf type wiper blades

    Motors – Wiper blades of ships and boats.

    Wiper blades and swabs of type bosch – swf.


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  • Custom Wiper Blades

    We can produce custom made Stainless steel Straight line wiper blades in lengths up to 1500 mm.

    By using top quality materials and our expertise in this field we guarantee a liable and functional solution to any request.

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  • Straight Line Wiper Blades

    Our company is the only manufacturer of straight line marine wiper blades in the Balkans including Turkey.

    We produce all the standard sizes of straight line wipers applicable to all straight line systems such as WYNN, JUNG A MARINE , SEAMATZ, SPIECH etc. by using stainless steel and high quality silicone rubber for marine applications.

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