Condor Brakes

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CONDOR BRAKES has been a well known brand name in the marine sector for more than 20 years and is exclusively manufactured and distributed by MAR. IN. BRAKES (Aik. Kyriazakou Ltd.).

Condor Brakes is a semi – flexible asbestos – free brake lining, manufatured from solid woven fabric of both natural and man – made yam with a brass wire inclusion, which helps to stabilize the friction value by conducting heat from th operating surface. It’s a high quality non asbestos brake lining that can meet the demand of shipping companies for good performance, liability and endurance.

This material can be applied for use in oil immersed application, although the friction value will be much lower than shown on the friction/ temperature graph which is based on dry conditions.

Suitable for winches, cranes, earth moving and agricultural equipment, forging machinery and many others.


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