Friction flat sheets

Friction flat sheets are a special category of brakes that are suitable for heavy duty applications and it’s a rigid material with or without metallic filings, in order to withstand high temperatures and great pressure.

These materials have a long life span due to their hardness and are suitable for applications such as toothed disks, clutch facings for any size of engine pads, brake blocks, purifiers, shims, etc.

Also available are flat sheets of woven material for use in oil conditions, where a lower friction factor is necessary for the correct function of the brake.

All our friction flat sheets are asbestos free and can be offered in the following sizes: 500*500 mm.,762*762 mm., 853*853 mm., 1150*500 mm. And in thicknesses from 3mm. – 40 mm.

They are imported from well known manufacturers of friction materials such as FTL-UK, FEROTEK-UK,  FERODO-UK, UMS GMTH, TALFRI and all carry quality certificates.

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