Ferodo Marine FRD-3806

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MAR. IN. BRAKES (Aik. Kyriazakou Ltd.)  as a leader of marine & industrial friction materials in Greece has always been focused in supplying its customers with high quality friction materials in the most competitive prices.

It is therefore with great pride that we can now offer our valued customers one of the best asbestos free marine woven brake lining in the world, as exclusive distributors of the new FERODO-MARINE (FRD-3806) in Greece. Suitable for medium and heavy duty marine applications, such as winch brakes, hoisting brakes, crane brakes, industrial applications, elevator brakes, etc. It is a brake lining to satisfy the most demanding needs of any marine or industrial application.

FRD-3806 can also be applied for use in oil immersed application, although the friction value will be much lower than shown on the friction/ temperature graph which is based on dry conditions.

By setting high quality standards we improve the world around us and provide our customers with a brake lining that functions with the highest efficiency, even under the most demanding operating conditions.


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